jsweeney's Review of Wunsche Brothers Cafe and Saloon

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MAIN FARE:Wunsche Bros Cheeseburger 2

  • These are 1/2 pound burgers, and we found the bun to meat to veggie ratio satisfying.
  • We ordered the cheeseburger, which adds a slice of american cheese.
  • The bun was a standard, commercial 4" bun.  Solid choice.
  • Veggies were fresh and tasty.  Shredded iceburg lettuce, dill pickles, ripe tomato, but we don't recall the onions (although the menu states that they are included).  We ordered mustard, no mayo... of course.
  • The patty was cooked well-done, maybe too well for our taste.  There was very little seasoning, which made for a bland patty.  Even without seasoning, the beef flavor did not stand out... possibly frozen?  The texture of the patty was packed tight and a bit chewy - probably pre-formed, for convenience.  I would question the grade/quality of cuts used to make this hamburger.


Wunsche Brothers Cafe and Saloon

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Wunsche Brothers Cafe and Saloon
103 Midway St
Spring, TX 77373
Phone: 281-350-1902


Mon-Thurs: 11am - 9pm
Fri-Sat: 11am - 10pm
Sunday: 11am - 8pm

Wunsche Bros Front

The 2014 Burger Tour


 Places we have visited in 2014:

ssweeney's Review of Hamburger Inn

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Long history, friendly service, and old-school techniques make this joint a classic hamburger experience.  Be aware that seating is limited and there may be a bit of a wait at peak times.  If you are in the Ardmore area, it is definitely worth a visit.  I know they open early for breakfast, but think they close after lunch... so it may be wise to call ahead to confirm they are open.

MAIN FARE:Deluxe with cheese and grilled onions

  • I ordered the "Deluxe" with grilled onions.  Jack ordered the "Lucy" which came with a larger (1/2 lb) patty.  Balls of hamburger meat are pressed flat just before being put onto the well-seasoned flat-top grill.  
  • Onion strings are placed onto the grill to brown, and then on top of the patty before being moved into the waiting bun (already prepared with the veggies).
  • Not sure whether the meat is ground fresh daily, but because the patties are pressed thin, they cook to well-done rather quickly.  There is nice caramelization around the edges of the patty.  
  • Lucy cross-sectionEither they were just too busy, or condiments and seasoning are left entirely up to the customer.  The first few bites were a bit of a disappointment, but adding some salt & pepper and a squirt of mustard got things straightened out.
  • All of the veggies (including the onions) were stacked on the bottom bun, with only cheese between the patty and top bun.  The large pile of caramelized onions looked great, but made the burger quite slippery in the bun.  


jsweeney's Review of Hamburger Inn

Weighted Overall

 The Hamburger Inn looked like a quality burger joint from the outside and didn't dissapoint.


  • The "Lucy" is served with an 8 ounce patty
  • The patty was a bit bland with no seasoning at all
  • It was cooked with onions on it which gave the onions good flavor
  • The mustard was on the table for you to put on yourself


ssweeney's Review of Stack House

Weighted Overall

Overall, this was a good burger experience.  Comfortable atmosphere, good burgers & decent sides, with friends and tasty beverages.  I'd make a second trip without much hesitation.


  • They serve a 6 oz patty on a toasted bakery bunDSC_0079
  • We opt for american cheese and grilled red onions, but take the other 'standard' veggies: iceburg lettuce (leaf), tomato, and a pickle (yes, I think that's literally a single pickle slice)
  • I order a 'pink' burger, and it comes out very much so... but with a nice char on the outside.  The patty is handled gently and kept reasonably loose, which adds to the bite and mouthfeel of the burger.  
  • The patty is seasoned enough to enhance the meaty flavor, but without causing distraction.
  • This is a juicy burger (reminiscent of Grindhouse in Atlanta).  Probably some mix of chuck and brisket... around 70ish% lean.  The bottom bun does its job and soaks up quite a bit of the juice, but definitely keep some extra napkins handy.
  • I agree with Jack that "stacking" of all the veggies on the bottom bun makes it more difficult to eat.
  • Shannon orders the house-made veggie patty, and Cathy gets her standard Shroom & swiss burger.


Burger at On The Border


Today I went to On The Border specifically to eat their Hatch Green Chili Burger.  A friend on my baseball team has a mom who works at On The Border.  When she heard that we were doing burger tours she strongly recommended the Green Chili Burger, and we promised her that we would give it a try.  This burger is only available in select locations in the DFW area.

jsweeney's Review of Stack House

Weighted Overall

Stackhouse was overall a good experience with a great burger and some great chili-cheese fries.  I will definitely want to return!


  • The Burger was very juicy and nicely coked
  • It was interestingly laid out with the patty on top and the veggies on the bottom
  • My only complaint is that the way they laid out the veggies made it difficult to keep the burger together


Burger Island Revisit

 Today I went to Burger Island with the Watson's.  Everything was as good if not better than what I remember.  The burger was nice and juicy and the fries were seasoned to perfection just like last time.  Dad and I were bothed shocked to see that Mr. Watson ordered the Double Jungle Burger (a double patty burger that has about 8-10 extras on it).  I also enjoyed catching up with the Watson's.  It was a worthwhile stop with a good burger, great fries, and wonderful friends.

Best Burger in The World: Attempt #2

On my second try on a quest for the perfect burger I approached some things a little differently (You can see the description of our first attempt here).  Before I compare burgers lets talk about this attempt.

The ingredients were mostly the same, but i'll go over them again anyway.  They were:

  • fresh lettuce and tomatoesBest Burger - Platter
  • sateed onions
  • mount olive pickles
  • safeway yellow mustard
  • fresh made buns
  • kraft singles american cheese
  • beef short rib 
  • brisket
  • beef chuck cross rib steak.
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